There’s nothing so boring as having a device that complains of storage every now and then. Space is important on every device and it helps improve device’s performance. So how should you go about when your device is saying you’re running low on storage space? Below are some Phone Storage and Memory Saving Tips.

Efficiency of a device low on storage is always slow and unresponsive most of the time. And am sure nothing will work if this is the case.

Below are some tips on how to get rude of the low on storage issues and boost your device memory. This in return will boost performance and response.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Many people install apps without knowing what these apps do. Or just because they saw them on advertisements. If for instance you use WhatsApp, having WeChat, Telegram and Line will just waste storage. Focus on using one communication app and stick to it. Apps like WiFi Booster, Wi-Fi password cracker or 4G Internet are just a waste of space. 4G would not work on your device if it is not LTE enabled.
Some other apps are browsers. You find that you have Opera Mini, UC Browser, Mozilla, 4G Browser, Chrome and many more. Why all these? You only need one browser app so get rid of extra.

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Move Apps to SD Card

Apps often use much more space in phone storage than SD storage. And anyway why can’t it run in your SD Card instead of bulking app your phone memory? Check all apps that are not system apps and send them to the memory card to save up additional space on your device. This will get it functioning just fine.

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Change Default Write Location

Some phone under storage come with a way of allowing you to choose a default write disk. Choose the memory card so all downloads and pictures captured can be stored in your memory card instead of phone memory. This will be like a routine memory maintenance done regularly.

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Move Photos and Videos to SD Card

Having photos taken by your phone or downloaded from the internet bulkens up your device’s onboard storage. So get down and transfer them to your memory card to save up some little space. This should be the case with videos.

Monitor Device Behaviours

Monitoring your smartphone for any weird functioning will surely give you an opportunity to identify the possible app causing unresponsiveness. Get rid of the app to get some storage.

Rid Temporary Files

Uninstalling some apps leaves behind the applications data. The best is to get rid of the application’s default and temporary files and folders left within your device system.