Equity Bank in partnership with PayPal has seen the transaction days reduced from 8 business days to just 3 days. This is now making PayPal customers that are in Kenya to swiftly get their monies direct to their bank accounts.

PayPal to M-pesa transfers done by merchants who sometimes extort much charges to do direct PayPal to Mpesa which are not M-pesa direct transfers. Why Equity Bank’s PayPal withdrawal will beat local airtime purchase startups like Chura is that it does withdrawal with the current Kenyan Shillings currency conversion. Unlike Chura which has a fixed conversion rate, Equity Bank will pay you more for your money.

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Equity Bank PayPal Withdrawal Service
PayPal to Equity Bank Withdrawal can only be effected if you have the following:-

  • A verified PayPal account
  • Be registered with Equity Bank
  • Connect your bank account to PayPal with credit card

Equity Bank Withdrawal was not favorites when it took 8 business days. Three days are now one of the best given their charges are not as high as other PayPal transfers.