OV 32GB MicroSD HC Memory Card Review


Storage space is essential. We love to have gigantic storage spaces on our gadgets. However, we can’t force Mobile phone or smartphone manufacturers to add enough memory for us. We all got different needs of storage space. Some gadgets come with up to 128GB internal storage (ROM) others with just less than 256MB. Today you can boost your storage and store your data safely with OV 32GB MicroSD HC Memory Card Review.

Having a faster responding memory card, with high speed when it comes to data transfer, reading and writing is what defines a MicroSD card. SD is abbreviation for ‘secure digital’ which digitally stores information.


This OV 32GB MicroSD HC Memory Card has the capability of expanding the memory capacity of mobile phones or any other device to whatever extend. With a MicroSD card slot or a TF card slot you can boost your secondary storage to a higher level.

What really defines the OV 32GB MicroSD HC Memory Card?

The OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card is coupled with an overhaul of features and functions that lack in other SD cards. Check the features of the OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card that makes it outstanding.

Greater Transmission Speed

The OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card is an awesome and a high performing MicroSD card. With a transmission speed of upto 80MB/s and 2000 pictures per second you’re sure of faster loading. This too enhances overall performance of the OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card

High Reading and Writing Speeds

OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card is a kind of MicroSD card that you would generally love. Why say so? With a disc reading speed of up to 95MB/s you’re sure of great overall performance. On the other side it Aldo has a 12MB/s writing speed to meet the fast speed you need. With the 12MB/s speed you can easily copy something into the Memory card.

This OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card also supports a UHS-1 interface, whose work is generally to capture full HD video. Videos stored in the OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card after recording are in High Definition (HD).


Waterproof and X-ray Proof

It is time to forget of issues to do with whether affecting your memory card. The OV 32GB MicroSD HC memory card is a waterproof, temperature proof, magnet proof and X-ray proof, this reliable memory card ensures your files remain safe during life’s little mishaps.

Basic Information Brand OV
Type TF Card/MicroSD
Specifications Read Speed 90MB/s
Write Speed 12MB/s
Capacity 32GB
Dimension and Weight Size 15 x 11 x 10 mm
Weight 3 grams
Price and Vendor Price $9.39 (Kes 950)
Vendor Gearbest

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