Umi is not a phone brand struggling out their to be felt in the market. Umi has been greenfly quite a long time now. They have released good devices, characterised by good premium designs, their performance is upped and they have good battery life.  Those are the Umi, like Umi Touch,  Umi Touch X and Umi London which is due to launch. Umi London is a new device by Umi,  it is a small device in the lower range smartphone offering 3G capabilities. This is a Umi London Phone Review. Nothing is so special in the Umi London except that it brings the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Many have not tested Marshmallow, leave alone Lollipop and now we are talking thing Nougat. Well,  you will test Nougat maybe. But this phone brings some cool features enclosed in a premium designed package. It is elegant and cheap,  very cheap.

It is not to find good phones at cheap prices. It is not that easy but well now we have one that you should quickly run and grab one. It is being sold by TomTop online with a retailing price of $59.99 (roughing to 6k in Kenya or 12k in Nigeria). The device starts shipping officially as from 20th of July 2016. Bit you can pre-order at a small discount so you can have it at a reduced price and be the first to own it. How amazing.


In this Umi London Phone Review am going to provide all the necessary information the positives and negatives and then why you should buy Umi London. That’s my work so you don’t end up buying something fake in the streets in the name of a smartphone.  But quickly we will go and has an overview of the specifications of the Umi London.

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Quick Specifications of Umi London

Good specs packaged nicely in a premium aluminum alloy package provides a good start for smartphone lovers or those entering first time. Take a look at the quick Umi London specifications.

  • 5.0 inch HD IPS screen
  • 2.5D Arc Screen
  • 1280*720pixels resolution
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Quad core processor clock frequency 1.3GHz
  • MediaTek chipset MT6580
  • Mali-400MP GPU
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 16GB
  • SD card slot is available, expandable to 32GB
  • Rear Snapper: 8 megapixels with Sony IMX149 sensor
  • Front selfie shooter: 2.0 megapixels
  • Battery: Li-ion 2050mAh.

To this extend I think you have an overview of just why TomTop is launching this device and wants all people owning smartphones. If you have been having those 4.5 inch smartphones, then you can upgrade to this. You need a test of Marshmallow, here is what you need. Buy Now from TomTop.


Umi London’s Display

Big displays do not dictate what a device provides. It does not dictate specifications or a great screen. You can have a 5.5 inch which is completely nothing. But that aside, Umi London’s screen is something. It is a 5.5 inch screen greatly engineering to bring everything to life.

The display is a 2.5D arc display with IPS technology. The screen is somehow curved. You won’t easy feel the difference from the normal flat screens. But this prevents the screen receiving hard impacts at the center whenever it falls. That saves it from cracking  easily. The Umi London’s screen is toughened with DUAL glass with DG Twin-shield.

The screen has a good resolution. Not like many small displays. The screen features 1280*720 pixels of screen resolution. This makes every pixel count so you get real picture and amazing quality.


Platform and Performance

Umi London is a good device,  nicely crafted and assembled to bring good health to this phone are the specs. The platform and the performance are what drive the Umi London. Time to check out which platform it runs and its performance.

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Umi London runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Android M),  this is the latest operating system and if you need a test of it then grab this phone. Google Android just revealed the next name in their iteration of the next version of Android. They have called it Android Nougat. So catch up with Marshmallow on this phone before we shift to Nougat. Android 6.0 provides good performance in overall. Battery management is enhanced hence you battery won’t drain so quickly by the OS.

The Umi London is powered by a good processor. Only devices with good processors emerge victorious in performance. The Umi London is equipped with quad core processor clocking at a clock rate of 1.3GHz. On top of that all this work is being done by one of the latest MediaTek chipsets; MediaTek MT6580. Performance is upper when this works concurrently with other features including the 1GB RAM to offer breath taking performance.

The graphics on this gadget are handled by an able Graphics Processing Unit GPU. one fine thing is that you will get all pictures in their true color and all game controls and look is amazing. The Mali-400MP GPU is what does that work.


Storage is important when it comes to everything. You need somewhere to keep your files and cabinet will always fill up so damn quickly. This phone provides quite a smaller memory but it’s better. With 8GB internal storage, you no doubt have enough memory to carry that one movie. This is not a memory to store all your files and everything. For instance almost half of that memory is consumed by system apps so you’re left with about 4GB to use. But something good you can supplement it with an SD card. Yes, Umi London features a MicroSD card that can take up to 32GB. That’s good isn’t it?

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On the other hand primary memory is important too. So it has 1GB RAM to that effect. This is not big or better but it’s good. You won’t be treated to lagging every now and then.

Umi London’s Camera

Cameras on this phone are not the best. But they are something. I remember I had a phone with 5MP rear and it wasn’t a big disappointment. So with Umi London, the 8.0 megapixels rear camera hope can provide great pictures and videos. It features a Sony IMX149 sensor.

The secondary camera or front snapper for selfies is small. It is not better maybe not good since am used to my 13MP front camera on Camon C9 but I have used a camera like so phone and it is amazing. So you can actually snap yourself some pictures not better qualities but better than VGA and also video calling can work.


A serious section too for every phone. This is like the camel rump, the bigger it is the better and the more food it can store, the more it will stay alive.

Umi London is not a big disappointment here but I can register some disappointment, we should have seen more. Anyway it features a lithium ion battery with 2050mAh capacity.

That is it for the Umi London product Review and I hope you enjoyed. Now I believe you know what kind of phone it is, you can buy it now at a reduced price of only $59.99 on TomTop.
Remember: Won’t ship until 20th July.


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