Storage is always a key feature of every gadget be it a Speaker, Smartphone, Computer, TV Box and many more. Various devices come with couple of inbuilt memory called ROM. But that’s never enough. So you can additionally add a microSD card to your device to boost your storage space. There are different types of memory cards with just SD, SDHC, SDXC. These definition depends keenly on the storage space of the memory card. The Original Samsung 64GB microSDXC Memory card has taken the type SDXC this means that the XC represents Extra Capacity.

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And well what more storage do you need to get going? A 64GB microSD card I believe is enough to boost your storage further. Anyways if you need more you can still upgrade. However depends on the handset maximum expandability. If the maximum is a 32GB microSD card then it can’t take any extra.

That aside my main aim was to talk you into buying the Original Samsung 64GB microSDXC memory card. Let’s sit down and discuss to detail why you should go for the Original Samsung 64GB microSDXC Memory card.

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Why the Original Samsung 64GB microSDXC Memory Card

This is a device with enough storage to keep you going year round without ridding any files to free up storage for additional space. The 64GB is designed to take you further to a whole new level of technology with ability to resist water, X-ray, magnetic fields, temperature changes. Now into detail we analyze what the Original Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC memory card.

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Large Storage Space

The original Samsung 64gb microSDXC memory card is categorized among the smart extra capacity memory cards. With 64GB of secondary storage to add on to your well it takes you to a whole new level.

Smart Read Speed

A smart memory card is one with a faster reading frequency it won’t take longer loading. With about 48MB/s that’s enough frequency or read speed to enable you going really faster.

Two Times (2x) faster Writing Speed

I intend to think that daily you add something to your MicroSDXC memory card or delete something. A faster writing speed means faster experience when handling such operations as deleting or editing or adding new files.

Water, X-ray, Magnetic and Temperature Proof

Something awesome about the Original Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC Memory card is that it has all the above. So you don’t have to worry of destruction from exposure to such matter.

Basic Information
Brand Samsung
Type MicroSDXC
Class 10
Temperature Proof YES
Waterproof YES
X-ray Proof YES
Other Specifications
Storage Space 64GB
Read Speed 48MB/s
UHS-1 Enabled YES
Size 32 x 24 x 3mm
Weight 3 grams
Price and Availability
Price $17.52 (Kshs. 1700)
Vendor Gearbest

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