Opera Pay Scam

OperaPay just launched lately in the previous months and was a platform that would allow people especially Kenyan to buy airtime, pay for water and electricity bills. We shared some information about Opera Pay Services  and have received a couple of calls regarding the service. Is OperaPay a scam just like Public Likes? Opera Pay collected thousands out shillings yesterday by failing to credit users the amount of airtime purchased.

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To also experience the same problem, I also tried the service and I can say that people’s complains are true. I doubt if Safaricom’s MPESA was the problem. Upon payment the Opera Pay website triggered a push message service that allowed users to enter their MPESA PIN.

Opera Pay Scam Issues

The platform would receive the amount with the message

“Dear Benson, payment of Kshs. 50.00 to Opera has been received. Your code is MAF98U08DZ. Helpline 0713129623 STOP20465”.

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Opera Pay Scam

The above message is a confirmation that the system received your payment. But when it comes to confirming the transaction, the OperaPay system would load several times up to 10 times. It would then give you the message

“Your transaction has failed. No money has been withdrawn from you account.”

Opera Pay Scam

The above message shows the money was not deducted from your account but in real sense the money deducted does not return to your account.

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To even confirm that OperaPay might be a scam is the fact that their helpline number in the message above went off. And even until today morning Opera Pay transactions even including using Airtel Money are failing. People are not receiving the payment.