Online KRA PIN Application

Hi, I am sure possibly you’re looking where to get someone to do for you the Kenya revenue Authority PinNo. Well I am a tech blogger and have access to various resources and I can process your KRA PIN within 5 minutes of your application.

Don’t allow yourself to run out of time while processing your KRA PinNo. We take that since we believe in technology and that it simplifies tasks and makes them easier and cheaper, so should we give cheaper and reliable pricing when it comes to helping our customers.


Step One

We will need at least some data to process your KRA PinNo. So we request you if you need us to be that extra swift. Send Kes. 150 to 254702847413 (Name: Benson Wabwoba) for processing. Then proceed to step 2 below.

Up on receipt of your payment one of our attendants possibly Benson will call you. And he may also call you to get some additional details that might be required.

Step Two

Fill in the form below so that we can process your KRA Pin application within just 5 minutes and have it delivered to your inbox in no time.