OLX’s New App Features a Report Button


Today in the morning at exactly 8.20am, I got this message from OLX since am a registered member. Don’t bother about the name, they just forgot or probably mistyped of thought it was so. Anyway that aside, so I told myself to try out this thing called ‘New OLX app’ so i proceeded to check out the app.

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I downloaded the new OLX and well just as I had expected found out some new features added to it.

The New OLX app features a (+) button like what was added to hangouts and Gmail to be pressed when you need to place your ad on OLX.


The app has a simpler design than it was before and additionally features a left menu that flies in when you swipe right just on the apps homepage.

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On also visiting a sample ad not sample but an add by one of the users, I realized a report button which I think is a new way to improve security which allows you to report scams to the OLX team.


Posting an ad to OLX is now simpler than it was before allowing you to first select pictures of your ad up to 8 images then entering your details including contact details.


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