ntsa motor vehicle logbook transfer charges

Nation Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) managed to change how users can transfer motor vehicles to new owners after they purchase. However, there are charges that are required to be settled first to get a new logbook or to handle the motor vehicle logbook transfer. There are motor vehicle logbook transfer charges.

In order to handle you need to have an NTSA TIMS Account both the buyer and the seller. Then thereafter you can handle transfers online.

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Previously Motor Vehicle logbook transfer was done manually by filling Form C which would require then that you attach the necessary documents and present it over to any NTSA offices which are the KRA offices countrywide.

ntsa motor vehicle logbook transfer charges

What You Need for Manual Logbook Transfer

  1. Application form – Form C duly filled by both the seller and buyer.
    (a) For Individuals
    Copies of:-
    National identification card (ID) for both buyer and seller.
    PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.
    For Companies
    Copies of:-
    Certificate of incorporation
    PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.
    For Business
    Copies of:-
    Certificate of Business Registration
    PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.
  3. Copy of valid Insurance Cover.
  4. Original Registration Book (log book)
  5. If the owner is deceased – letters of Administration to be attached
  6. In case of written off vehicle inspection Report to be attached
  7. Incase of Parastatal, EX GKs and Local Authorities, letter signed personally by respective permanent Secretaries
  8. Sale Agreement – indicating full vehicle particulars i.e Make, Chassis No. Engine No. etc
  9. Incase a vehicle is held for resale, the registrar should be notified within 14 days otherwise a sum equal to the prescribed fees payable


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Motor Vehicle Logbook Transfer Charges

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What you Need for Online Motor Vehicle Transfer

NTSA now encourages individuals to register on their TIMS portal that can allow them to transfer motor vehicles online and pay the Motor vehicle logbook transfer fees after completion using mobile money. Below are the things you need to do online motor vehicle logbook transfer.

  1. You need both the Buyers and Sellers KRA PIN; majorly the buyers kra pin since it is transferred to them.
  2. Copies of ID cards (Serial Number important if they lack a TIMS NTSA Portal account)
  3. Logbook (needs to be scanned and attached)
  4. The motor vehicle logbook transfer charges.


The Motor Vehicle Logbook Transfer Charges Tabulation

(i) Not Exceeding …. 1000cc 1,035/= 625 1,660/=
1001 ……………….. 1200cc 1,265/= 625 1,890/=
1201 ……………….. 1500cc 1,440/= 625 2,065/=
1501 ……………….. 1700cc 1,785/= 625 2,410/=
1701 ……………….. 2000cc 2,070/= 625 2,695/=
2001 ……………….. 2500cc 3,220/= 625 3,845/=
2501 ……………….. 3000cc 4,430/= 625 5,055/=
3001 ………… and above 5,290/= 625 5,915/=
ii) A trailer less than four wheels 405/= 625 1,030/=
iii) A trailer with four wheels or more 1,265/= 625 1,890/=
v) Tractor 405/= 625 1,030/=



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