Now you can Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook is indeed a large database of a community virtually connected through the code behind the application Facebook. We have seen several fundraising websites come up like for instance in Kenya we have M-Changa that is geared towards raising money for whatever cause. Facebook taking into account their massive numbers of online community, have seen a potential volunteer group, or a group donor or anybody who is willing to chip in helping a kid stuck someone or in saving the World. Did you know that now you can fundraise on Facebook. That a question I think that leaves you mouth open because you’ve not seen that yet.

But according to an article of FB Newsroom titled Introducing New Tools for Nonprofits
Facebook seems to be introducing this new features to Non Profit Organization to allow them generate income for whatever cause. Of course not for malicious purposes because no one will give his/her money for a cause he/she is not aware of.

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In 2013, Facebook selected a few non profit organization to try out a fundraiser program by Facebook. Then it was a test to see whether this feature will work or not. Results prove that this has been a success and now Facebook is introducing fundraiser tools for the non-profit organization. This is why I say now you can fundraise on Facebook.

Now you can Fundraise on Facebook

This title speaks for itself isn’t it? Well I believe this feature won’t be available to Kenyan based Non Profit Organization but it will take sometime before showing up on the Kenyan based Non Profit Organizations.

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Will Fundraise on Facebook be a Success?

A tough question isn’t it. But believe me you Facebook has a large population. With billions of users I believe you can get at least some good number to donate towards a certain cause. For me I say this will be a success and probably can’t wait to see a Kenyan based firm realizing fundraising through Facebook.

How to Go About It?

A Non Profit Organization needs to share their cause or a campaign story in which a cause is well described. based on this one is capable to get to know the project the funds will be used on, the amount that is needed and more. After going through the campaign story you will come to a donate button that will be at the bottom of the campaign story. The donate button can also be placed at the Call to Action place on a Facebook page.

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A Donate button for Pages and posts
To help non profit organizations increase donations towards their cause, Facebook is designing a new donate button that will be made available on Pages and posts. Adding a Donate button to a Page will give a non profit organization a consistent place to collect donations, even as they update their Page’s content. Including a Donate button on a post will give people an easy way to donate directly from News Feed. Without having to visit any specific page to make the donation

Now you can Fundraise on Facebook Images Source: Facebook Newsroom