Now Periscope broadcasts live in tweets


Somewhere last year Twitter acquired
Periscope and has done great in integrating the two plafforms. Periscope a live broadcast startup that according to an article by Twitter has worked very hard to ensure that live broadcasts can take place within your tweets.

Since the launch of Periscope last year, users have created over 100 million live broadcasts through the broadcast app.

Making it easier to monitor, see and follow whatever that is happening around. Periscope with twitter have seen an urge of bringing  by Periscope broadcasts (both live and replays) directly into your Tweets.


The rolling out of this feature will start being rolled out with the iOS app. However, the Android and web versions will get the feature after a while since it’s being worked on.

Periscope broadcasting live and replaying within tweets will give periscope a larger audience. The normal audiences that previously used periscope plus twitter users since tweets can be displayed to millions of twitter users.

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