Nokia which was a key phone maker has plans to return to the smartphone market in 2016, after it sold off its handset business to Microsoft in 2013, sources tell Re/code. The timing is right: Based on the Microsoft deal, Nokia can’t sell phones with the Nokia brand until next year.

 Nokia to return to Smartphone Market 2016But what platform will their smartphone work on? Possibly android? Or something else. But that is something we need to wait as we gather information regarding the operating system the devices are to run on.

There’s actually some recent precedent for Nokia to choose Android this time around, however. It already has done so for tablets. Or rather, for a tablet.

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Nokia also tried its hand with Android handsets — the Nokia X and X2 — but after Microsoft finally bought Nokia’s handset business, the company shut down those efforts.

At this stage of the smartphone game, it makes little sense for Nokia to choose an alternative platform for new phones, however, Successful handsets have broad app and service ecosystems, which take time to build. Samsung is trying to do just that with Tizen and finding limited, at best, success.

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Nokia will likely use Google Android as a base platform and try to add innovative software such as Z Launcher to stand out from the crowd.

Surely something big is cooking behind the Nokia kitchens which should be expected next year as they plan to be back after their handset unit was bought by Microsoft which enjoys its production of Lumia Phones.