Earlier this week , There were good News from the Nokia Company that excited its fans. With the news Nokia wasn’t too far off from getting back to making smartphones, all the fans enjoyed in excitement to see their trusted mobile telecom come back. The expected news was one to here “Nokia confirms plans to return to smartphones next year?”

Nokia confirms plans to return to smartphones next year

The report also claimed that 2016 is the year that we will see Nokia release their new smartphone hardware, and while this information came from a pair of “trusted sources,” it fell short of official confirmation. Well, it looks like we didn’t have long to wait for that, as Nokia China appears to confirm its intention to develop smartphones for launch next year.

Besides giving us this 2016 time-frame when the company will be releasing its smartphones, the president of Nokia China also mentioned that the next Nokia smartphones will use Android as the platform as exhibited on its Nokia did with X and the X2. Rather surprising well no. This is what we and other fans were hoping for. And it has been confirmed that the next gadgets from the company next year will feature android operating system.

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Besides getting back to making smartphones, 2016 will also see Nokia undertake changes to how its business operates, moving research and development efforts to mainland China. While it’s not a done deal just yet, these future Nokia Androids may be produced right there as well, in Sichuan.

Are you eagerly awaiting the return of Nokia to smartphones? Will the company have what it takes to stand out in an increasingly competitive group of Android OEMs? We could already be finding out by this time next year.

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Source: PhoneArena via PocketNow