One of the things that have got many people excited the MWC more than anything else is the return of a feature phone that hit the market 17 years ago. Nokia 3310 a phone build and launched in 2000 had to it some good features including being hard-brick. The Nokia 3310 then could fall and the floor and nothing will happen. Even if the Nokia 3310 fell when you were on a call, damn men it won’t disconnect. That’s then. 

Nokia 3310, 17 years later is something different, unique in look, design but not of the same durability and fun. Nokia’s come up in the smartphone industry is welcomed but maybe the Nokia 3310 might just be a marketing strategy aimed at pitching the brand. 

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The Nokia 3310 (2017) is different literally in some specs yes. And also it is different in regard to the makers. First build on 2000 by then Nokia then Microsoft after they bought Nokia, and now HMD Global. All that said let’s see why maybe the Nokia 3310 (2017) might be unique and as exciting and interesting as people are taking it. 

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

Quick Specs of Nokia 3310

  • 2.4 inch QVGA display 
  • Runs on Nokia Series 30+ OS
  • Single SIM/Dual SIM variants 
  • Comes in a series of colors
  • 2G network enabled
  • 2MP primary camera 
  • Bluetooth support and microUSB
  • 16MB internal storage 
  • A dedicated SD card slot 32GB
  • 1200mAh lithium removable battery
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Nokia 3310 comes in a variety of colors and you pick your choice from warm red (glossy), dark blue (matte), yellow (glossy)  and  grey (matte). The colors and the entire design of the Nokia 3310 is amazing.  The phone is smart in design. It has dimensions of 115.6x51x12.8mm.

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 supports 2G network bands. Well we’re in the 4G era but we’re so much excited about a 2G feature phone well, that’s my opinion. 

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This feature phone has a 16MB internal storage and has a dedicated SD card slot to 32GB. It runs on Nokia’s Series 30+ operating system.

Nokia 3310

The display screen is a curved 2.4 inch display. A QVGA display type. 

Nokia 3310 has a primary camera of 2MP that has a LED flash. 

It supports Bluetooth v3.0 and MicroUSB 2.0.

Nokia 3310 is built with a removable 1200mAh. The battery is amazing and can last long.


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