NTSA's Digital Driving License

The National Transport and Safety Authority was to come up with new digital driving license. And they are already out for some users. The ATM like digital driving licenses bears the driver’s passport. It also has other personal details like names, id number, date of birth, gender, county of residence, license number (previously the C of C number) and even the blood group. The digital license also has dates of renewal and expiry of the same license.

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The Front (Digital Driving License)

The new NTSA’s digital driving license on the front side contains the personal details. Personal details located at the front and the other like details vehicle categories and license serial number at the back.

Digital Driving License

Personal Details include:-

  • Passport picture
  • ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Names
  • License No (CoC)
  • Gender
  • Blood Group
  • County of residence
  • Date of renewal and expiry
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The chip on the NTSA’s new driving license has personal information that are related to the driver’s license.


The Digital Driving License Back

The back of the driving license entails several things as we articulate below:-

  • The digital license serial number
  • Microchip containing personal details.
  • Categories of vehicles (classes A, B, C, D, E, F and G) with icons of such vehicles,
  • It also has information on the date of issue and expiry.
Digital Driving License
NTSA’s Digital Driving License Back

Images have emerged of the new digital licenses and their details. You can have a look at the images that we have shared of the users with the license. The digital driving license will not be done online. But the renewal can happen at the Huduma Centers countrywide.

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