Google has always tried to embrace other sectors of social media and it has not been left behind. Google Hangouts had been the center core for messaging both for inbuilt and Hangout messages.  Remember you can also video call through Google Hangouts. New Design for Google Hangouts 4.0.

Google hangouts 3.3 is the one being used by majority if not all the people. It is characterized by a homepage drawar with two tabs including the contacts tab which obviously might be messy to some people if not all. But Google now seems to be looking for a way to appreciate their users base with a new design for their Hangouts application.

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Google Hangouts 4.0 will bow have a single drawer whenever you launch a single tab with the messages which is good. The email and the name of the signed in user seems to have disappeared too. Not just that the avatar too is missing.

Google Hangouts 4.0 now will be having a new floating action button which upon tapping will open various options. Through these options will you be able to make a video call,  send a message, see a contact and all that.

This new design by Google is amazing. Check out for its update buddies.