Netone launches cheaper bundles in Zimbabwe


I think you remember the Airtel’s launch of UnlimiNet data bundles that put it’s competitor safaricom in a move to also devise a way on counteracting the effect that might be caused by that. Today in Zimbabwe, Netone launched cheaper bundles.

Interestingly, Netone has combined both bundles at a much lower tariff where it will cost only 50cents a day to get both Facebook and Whatsapp Bundles $1.60 per week and $5 for the month.

Netone announced today, that their subscribers can now get Facebook and Whatsapp bundles under a new menu altogether that will house various other services to avoid a proliferation of shortcodes.



To get the Netone Bundles, one simply dials *171# and gets into a menu with other various services bundles, while the social network bundles are on the first option.

Disappointingly enough just like safaricom reacted to Airtel’s UnlimiNet, Netone has only followed the steps of their competitor when they could actually have come out with so much more bundles exciting bundles like Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat and many more.

Speaking to the Netone Managing Director Mr Reward Kangai late last year, He said that they will be introducing much bigger and exciting social network bundles


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