WordCamp is a conference usually talking everything into account about WordPress. WordCamp is a two-day conference that brings together like-minded individuals who in one way have interest in knowing or are using WordPress in their day to day operations.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city will be the first time for the city to host such a most celebrated event for the first time. The first WordCamp conference was held in Nanyuki early 2013 and now was the most appropriate time for it to hit the Kenya’s capital city.

WordCamp Nairobi
WordCamp is a two-day conference that will be held early December on 1st and 2nd with the main aim popularizing WordPress as a blogging platform and CMS at the same time. In the event the core high end issues that will be discussed are mainly coined around WordPress and also you will have a chance to learn that WordPress as an open source blogging tool has grown tremendously to include a Content Management System that can be used to build professional corporate and standard websites.

WordPress as we all know is a free blogging tool or platform and the company summarizes that in a statement saying that WordPress is both free and priceless. This is the only web based software that is largely used in creation of beautiful blogs, websites and eCommerce stores. 

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Kenyans who value WordPress and largely depend on it for their daily income and sought of entertainment will come together at the WordCamp event which will provide them an avenue to meet like-minded community members. One uniting factor here is the fact that WordPress is used mostly by close to everyone who owns a blog or a website. 

Bloggers, Web Developers, Designers, Marketers Business owners, Search Engine Optimization masters will come together to add knowledge to their existing knowledge about WordPress as a platform. The event will be held at PAWA254 and it will include close to 200 attendees of the WordCamp event. During the event, most will learn about WordPress security, Blogging, Branding and coding.

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Registration of the WordCamp is currently ongoing at WordCamp official website and all those wish to attend have until 25th November to be through with the registration


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