Moi University Opens the Online Hostel Booking


Moi University has opened the online students portal for online hostel booking. Hostel allocation is a comprehensive system basically used for allocating rooms to students regarding their choice and fee payment status.

The portal has been opened for continuing students. For the first year students or new students they will be required to register and activate their accounts then hostel booking will commence on 10th August for them.

Moi University Online Hostel Booking

How the Students Portal Works

Step One

You will need to have an students account at Moi University students portal. You will need to visit the portal to create an account.


Requirements to Create A Portal Account

  1. Your Registration/Admission Number (Found on the Admission Letter and on student ID if you have one)
  2. Your national ID number or Birth Certificate Number (if you lack an ID card)
  3. A valid email address (with the suffix or or any other). Remember it must be valid and you have the password to the email address. You can as well use the email address to apply for HELB loan and other things like KRA PIN.

Moi University Online Hostel Booking

Moi University Online Hostel Booking

Step Two

Logon to the Moi University Online Hostel Booking portal. Visit the MUHMS and login if you have an account and if you lack one, then register and activate your account.

Step Three

If you’re new access the register to get password link. On that page you will enter your details as outlined above. You will choose your school and course then enter your registration number.

Enter ID number and your personal email address which will receive the activation email and further instructions.

After creating and activating your account, login to the Moi University Online Hostel Booking Portal.

Visit or click on Book or Retain room link to book a room and follow the procedure to completion.

Moi University Online Hostel Booking

Upon completing the online room booking form, keep coming back to your account to check on any progress and communication from the systems administrator.

What you can do from the Portal too

  1. Check your fee balance
  2. Check accommodation payment history
  3. Access admission letters
  4. Download fee statement and so much more.

Don’t be left behind. Book a room today. Visit the Moi University Students’ Portal.


Students are supposed to make payments to the official Accommodation Deposit Account for Moi University at:

Bank Name: National Bank

A\C No: 01021027999600.

Include your Name and Registration number on the receipt when making a cash deposit.

Students is then supposed to scan and upload payment receipt as proof of payment.



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