Mac OS users were treated to major news last week when Microsoft announced the first upgrade from Microsoft Office 2011, launched back in 2010. Wall Street actually put it that “Office for Mac users have been treated as second-class citizens”.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Users

Microsoft Office users of Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android all got swanky and fresh word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps, while those of Mac sat idly, receiving zero updates, and posting on various internet forums questions about when to expect releases

But at the beginning of the month Microsoft decided to make it up to the neglected users, announcing a public beta, available for free download.

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The full software suite will be available later this year for purchase or as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 monthly subscription service, but until then the company is just handing it out as a 3GB download.

Like Office 2013 for Windows, Microsoft is integrating its cloud storage services directly into Office 2016 for Mac. That means Office 365, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Sharepoint are all integrated. If you use OneDrive to store and edit Office documents with an iPad or a Windows laptop, then you can quickly access them from the recent documents location in Office 2016 for Mac. Microsoft’s cross-platform app strategy, powered by the cloud, is a reality, and this is the latest piece of the puzzle.

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Word 2016 for Mac looks a lot like the iOS and Windows equivalents, and Microsoft is supporting co-authoring to allow several people to simultaneously edit a document.


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