Microsoft Staging Microsoft Pix is better than Apple Camera


A team at Microsoft decided to do something for iPhone owners and whose devices run on iOS. Microsoft Pix is a revolutionary and intelligent camera app that Microsoft is staging to be better than the default iOS camera. Microsoft Pix in pictures taken by both the Pix app and iPhone 6 camera show a bigger difference.

Microsoft Pix
Picture taken by Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix
Picture taken by Apple Camera ?

Pictures taken by Microsoft Pix appear more bright and lively compared to those taken by iPhone 6 camera. 

So what makes Microsoft Pix a unique camera app? 

From the team, Computational Photography Group, Microsoft Pix ain’t just a camera app. This is an app with an artificial brain. It is built with powerful algorithms to handle every bit of the camera. The app uses its powerful algorithms to determine the light intensity, read is eyes are closed or open and vary the temperature etc to ensure you get the base pic. 


Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix captures up to 10 frames with a single shot or shutter click. Basically this provides a base on which to build one professional and clear pictures. It then decides on the best of the 10 frames or combines more than one frame to achieve best results. 
Microsoft Pix also can create live pictures. For instance if you’re shooting a moving object or individual, Pix takes the 10 frames and combines them into one live picture just like in GIFs. 


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