Microsoft has launched a better and redesign interface for its homepage for both iPhone and Android users, with a number of new features and changes.

Bing Redesign Homepage

These features that are available according to Bing Blog are as follows:-

1. Popular now card

News consumption is a common activity on mobile devices. And based on desktop interface, the homepage news carousel at the bottom of the page is one of the most highly engaged features, connecting users to news stories across the web. With that in mind, the team has seen it important to include the news carousel on mobile devices. Stories that appear at this section are those that are trending and top stories of the day. Microsoft also is looking forward to making these stories even more relevant and personal.

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2. Bing Rewards

Many Bing Mobile users are also heavily engaged Bing Rewards users. To facilitate their experience, Bing has made sure that they include Rewards card and gave it prime real-estate to monitor their progress. This card gives you a convenient entry point to Bing Rewards and a quick way to view your status.


3. Setting

Another common activity for users is to change their Safe Search settings. With this card, users can discover and take action quickly. Safe search is the best thing to allow users control what they need to see on their search results.

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4. Image of the day (IOTD)

While on the go, you can learn something new about today’s homepage image with bing’s IOTD card. In addition, due to a new and better UX has also a better way of helping users learning better about the topic of the day.

5. User interface redesign

Bing has worked on their interface better to come up with a swipe-able homepage. This is after they determined that users prefer swipe-up card as opposed to the previous.

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Suurce: Microsoft