Earlier today we told you about a little promo Google’s got going, where in exchange for you going over a security
checklist to help insulate your account against attack from ne’er-do-wells, Google will bump your free Drive storage up by 2GB – not too shabby.

Well, that’s just half of the free-cloud-storage action that’s going around today, and Microsoft’s also looking to hook you up with some free storage, to the tune of a hefty 100GB.


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Register yourself a Bing Rewards account, and in exchange for signing up for OneDrive promo emails, Microsoft will give you 100GB of OneDrive storage – normally priced at about $2 a month (like Google Drive,
you start out with 15GB for free). Well that’s pretty damn impressive; isn’t 100GB a heck of a lot better than Google’s 2GB offer?

In the short term, absolutely, but Microsoft’s freebie has one big catch: your free 100GB only lasts for the next two years. By then, you’d better hope that Microsoft has decided to extend its offer, be ready to start paying up for its storage services, or be willing to download all your data and move it

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Until then, though, you can cram Microsoft’s servers with boatloads of data without spending a dime (at least, if you’re in the US – sorry, international peeps).


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