Messenger Lite for Facebook; Kenya among first to use countries


IIf you know Facebook and has been a fan of Facebook as a social network the you must know the tremendous steps they have taken to better and make browsing and chatting as easy. Facebook for Android app is extra large and some small end phones won’t support it due to the big size. Due to that Facebook introduced Facebook Lite a lighter version of Facebook Android app. Messenger, a messaging, photo sending, calling and video calling is also getting lite, Messenger Lite yes.

Messenger Lite is the lighter version of Messenger for Facebook. The Messenger Lite is just under 10MB of size meaning installation is swift and faster than the original Facebook Messenger app since it has a huge size.

Messenger Lite app for Messenger for Facebook
Messenger Lite does most of the Messenger core features. It can allow you to use messaging services, send and receive photos, send and receive links and also receive and send stickers to friends.

This is a move for Facebook to allow most of its users to use their apps to make it easy in communication. Messenger Lite has the same icon as Messenger only that colors appear in reverse with the being blue and chat bubble being white.

Messenger Lite will be rolling out to people living in countries such as Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. For other countries, Messenger Lite will be rolled out in the coming months.

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