Time is gone, that time we used to have watches. Gigantic watches with just nothing to be proud of but the design and large size probably. Now it is time to embrace the smart watch world. Just like we have embraced smartphone and forgot the J2ME and feature phone. Why say so? Well,  have you imagined at a situation where you could answer a call, respond to alerts, check your message notifications with just a watch? Zeblaze Rover does exactly that and with more.

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Zeblaze Rover is a tough but cute and clear smart watch with such a gorgeous appearance. The toughening with OGS panel improves its hardness and ability to protect internal components from damage as a result of direct physical impact.

Zeblaze Rover is an ultra thin smart watch with an ultrathin case. It also is equipped up with a  premium leather band to allow you easily have it on your wrist. On top of that the leather band has no effect on your body.


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Zeblaze Rover smart watch has an inbuilt MTK2501 (108MHz) high precision clip that extends its functionality. The MTK2501 clip makes the Zeblaze Rover compatible with both Android and iOS system. Now that makes it a smart watch. With the ability to connect with both Android and iOS system, you can monitor your real time smartphone notifications from your smart watch.
let you experience powerful functions.

Advanced Zeblaze Rover Smart watch Features

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The Powerful Health Monitor – Pedometer

Zeblaze Rover takes over your health management tasks. It completely monitors your daily movement. It also  checks the distance you have moved and at what speed. On top of that the pedometer also lets you know the number of steps you’ve made plus energy consumption during your exercise.

This means that you can achieve the best of your health goals, whether slimming, getting abs and all that.

Sleep monitoring

Zeblaze Rover smart watch monitors you during your sleep. Have you ever walk up tired, woke up late, failed to reach your work place on time? Well, the Zeblaze Rover empowers you entire sleep and lets you know the quality of your sleep, give you accurate reminding be it wake alarms.

Sedentary reminder

It is time to get rid of little stresses. Get rid of daily fatigue and hangovers as a result of lack of sleep.
The sedentary reminder on the Zeblaze Rover Smart watch alerts you when it is time to sleep to avoid fatigue.
It is unhealthy to abruptly change your sleeping time. Zeblaze Rover helps you live a health life with adequate sleep.

Remotely control your smartphone camera with Zeblaze Rover

The fun and pleasure that one feels when taking pictures remotely. Take full photos of your self (selfies). Of course i know you’re tired of taking half selfies isn’t it? Good so take the Zeblaze Rover smart watch that allows you to capture those awesome moments with Zeblaze Rover.

Play your Music Player with Zeblaze Rover

You also can listen music without taking out of your smartphones because of the smart watch can control your phone to play music.  Remotely control your smartphone to play your favorite music non-stop.

Anti lost alarm

Zeblaze Rover has a unique proximity sensor system that notified you when the distance between your smartphone and smart watch exceeds a certain distance set by you, the smart watch will sent alarm. No need to worry about your phone will be lost. Or possibly you got your phone on silent and can’t find it. This alarm notification finds it for you.

Find your smartphone with Zeblaze Rover Smart Watch

Turn on the Find Phone Function and your smart watch will ring or vibrate when the distance between smart watch and phone is a certain distance. But for this to work you will need to install the Smartwatch.apk application in mobile phone terminal.

Dialer / Message

Imagine getting notified about an incoming call or an incoming message via the Zeblaze Rover smart watch. You can respond or check out the message notification without having to take out your smartphone.

Zeblaze Rover offers Push Message for Key Social Apps

Zeblaze Rover supports Twitter, G-mail, WhatsApp push message meaning you can easily communicate with your friends or family just from the Zeblaze Rover smart watch.


Easily check upto 1,000 contacts from your phone contacts  using the Zeblaze Rover smart watch. However you will need to have connected your smartphone with the smart watch.

Check your Atmospheric Conditions around you
With the Zeblaze Rover smartwatch you get access to a barometer that displays the current atmospheric pressure and the current temperature. On top of that you got an altimeter to determine the relative height after a certain distance. Good when hiking.

Compatibility and App download mode iPhone User (iOS 4.0 and above system)

To realize the effectiveness and the above features you need to connect the Zeblaze Rover smart watch with your phone. So thievish how to go about it.

When you get the watch, remember to install smartblue app into your phone, and then the watch can display the message and caption which will display on the top of your phone’s’ screen.

The method of iPhone to get the app: Enter the Apple store of the phone and then search the app smartblue

Android User (Android 4.0 and above system):
When you get the watch, install Smartwatch.apk program on the smart phone to realize SMS, LINE, Facebook,
Weather forecasts and other instant messaging reminders.
APK Access mode: Download by using smart phone to scan the two-dimensional code below


Technical Zeblaze Rover Specifications:

Hardware Brand Zeblaze Rover
Built-in chip type MTK 2501
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof YES
Waterproof Life water resistance
Functions Bluetooth calling Answering
Messaging Message checking
Health tracker Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder
Remote control Music remote, Camera remote
Notification Yes
Anti-lost Yes
Find phone Yes
Other functions Barometer, Altimeter
Screen Screen type TFT
Screen size 1.54 inch
Battery Battery type Li-ion battery
Battery capacity 250mAh
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