LooK Watch

Majority of smartwatches we have currently need to be tethered to a device (smartphone) to make two way calls and this is going to change thank to the Look Watch an IoT ready smartwatch by Laipac Technology (www.laipac.com).

Laipac Technology has crafted together a stunning, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabed first IoT smartwatch that is launching soonest today (12th Sept 2017).

The Look Watch is an IoT Ready Standalone Smartwatch is to change how guys interact with smartwatches. The smartwatch has cellphone connectivity with a built-in SOS button. It does also support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The heart rate sensor is effective in monitoring exercise progress.

Look Watch has an advanced quad core processor with GPS. It is IP67 certified for water resistance, has multiple motion sensors and is constructed with a high-grade stainless-steel body, AMOLED display and sapphire glass.

LooK Watch

Below is a keen and in depth view of the Look Watch by Laipac Technology.

Stunning Design

Each Look Watch is made of high-quality stainless steel, highlighted by sophisticated colour combinations that include black and gold, black and silver, gold and blue, silver and white, or rose and white.

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Functions as a phone

The Look Watch is capable of making calls as it uses a nano SIM which should go through the service provider to have t activated.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

Wi-Fi extends your battery life, and Bluetooth connections give you the ability to pair with Bluetooth devices and accessories.

AMOLED Display with Touch-Screen

The high-resolution AMOLED display of 400 x 400 true colors, covered with anti-scratch sapphire glass and touch-screen for ease-of-use.

Water Resistant

The device is water resistant. The Look Watch is IP67 rated. It is safe to wear in the rain, washing hands and any contact with water and liquid.

Voice Activated

Control the Look Watch’s apps with voice commands for a truly hands-free user experience.

Plenty of memory

16GB of storage memory and 1GB of RAM, giving you the ability to store hundreds of songs, video clips and photos.

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GPS Location Technology

It is fully GPS enabled, the Look Watch’s GPS capabilities are part of the watch’s hardware, Laipac’s award-winning location technology.

SOS button

Exciting feature on the Look Watch is the SOS Button. One second touch on the SOS button will call pre-set fast dial numbers for voice calls. However, with a longer 3-second press it will call the user’s predefined emergency numbers as well as send an SMS, and deliver GPS location data to LocationNow.com.

Heart rate monitor

Look Watch acts as an enhanced activity tracker, monitoring heart rate, steps traveled, and even showing the exact route taken. The heart rate monitor is helpful for tracking vitals when the user is ill, after an accident, or at any time.

Fall detection

Relying on the G-sensors, the Look Watch generates an alert if a fall is detected. To cancel the SOS alarm, you simply have to tap the button once. If you fail to cancel the alert, it will be sent to the device of your choosing, along with GPS coordinates and address of where the incident occurred. Upon receiving the fall alert, you can communicate directly with the user to give them reassurance that help is on the way.

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Watch removal alert for patient’s use

If this feature is enabled, Guardian Angel Connect will send an alert to the device of your choice if the watch is removed from the wrist. You can then initiate voice communication, call it, or physically locate it with LocationNow app.

Geo-fencing option

LocationNow platform feature allows you to monitor your virtual fence. Geo fences are easy to set up, and you can create up to 20 geofences to cover multiple locations.

Large Battery Capacity

460mA Li-Ion polymer battery for 1-2 days depending on the usage