In as much as most of us want to try out new things and take up new innovations to the next level,  if it won’t work as we expect we will always revert to our old ways. Transport is one key sector that has seen giant companies venture into. Safaricom Limited partnered with Craft Silicon to release their first ever Little Cabs a tax hailing app. The app promises to offer more secure and to be effective and better than competitors. Little Cabs is the name Safaricom Limited together with Craft Silicon though this would be a nice name. 
Some weeks after the launch of the service, the Little has had not that good response. You S customers are willing to try out new things but 5k downloads in more than a week’s time is slow. The app has released updates and fixed bugs but still users are more concerned. 

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Safaricom is known to venture into almost everything and succeed and I know it will take sometime to go over Uber if they try to do that. 
Here is what Little Cabs promises

  • Free Wi-Fi through out your ride;  well people are addicted to the internet and this is a good move to catch those people who want to use this free internet. However feedback from several users shows that this doesn’t work effectively as it should. 
  • Lady bugs, this is one of the best things have done. Introduction of lady drivers, professional drivers in this case. Anyone can pick the lady drivers but for men not beyond 6pm.  This is for security purposes and ladies have the choice of taking their fellow ladies as drivers. 
  • You have a chance to choose a radio station that you want to listen to while riding in this Little Cabs.
  • No cashless hassle is what they say,  Little Cabs has room for Cash but it also allows payment through MPESA, Credit Card, Bank
  • Live Fare and Traffic Updates: with Little Cabs you get to minitor live fare and traffic updates, this allows to choose a route you want. 
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Live Fare and Traffic 

    Little Cabs largely relies on GPS which has a given error, well somehow when internet connection is not that effective you will be sure booking will be a real hustle. But I know they will be working on this. Relying on GPS gives their competitors an overhand.

    With time we will realize if Little Cabs powered by Safaricom Limited can do wonders and force Uber out of the Kenyan market and that if it happens won’t be soon. It will not be a walk in the park for the telecommunications giant. 

    Little Cabs

    Uber has faced threats from Matatu operators including burning of their cabs, I don’t how Safaricom and Craft Silicon are planning to handle this incase it happens on one of their own. 


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