LG mobile technology giant has had a very busy first quarter of the year with various flagships such as G Flex 2 which saw the company at the Mobile World COngress to demonstrate how the gadget will work and how effective it will be. But if you remember very well, LG released their LG G3 almost a year ago. And now as it;s birthday nears there should be a successor of the same. And what we know from LG G3 automatically it will be the G4 phone.

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LG G Pro

According to The Korea Herald, LG plans to roll out a phablet-sized phone dubbed G4 Note to rival the iPhone 6 Plus, the Nexus 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

It’s not clear if this phone is the new device LG talked about at MWC or if this is a fourth phone that LG plans to introduce this year and will sit alongside the G4, the G Flex 2, and the MWC mystery device.

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The LG G Pro which measured 5.9 inches in size, ran on the Snapdragon 800, and limited availability since its launch. If it goes by what I know it means that the phablet LG is thinking of now would a similar size, if only because rumours have the G4 down for a 5,5-inch display, so a plus-sized version would need to be considerably bigger.

You remember the curved design of LG G Flex 2. Yes that’s a feature we are not sure if it will be featured or included on this rumored G4 phablet by LG.


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