With MWC ending, our fickle smartphone attention is sure to start turning to whatever’s next, eager to latch-on to the next big handset to launch. Sure, Apple’s got that event coming up on Monday, but that’s likely to be the Apple Watch’s shindig, with no major handset new expect.


Maybe next on our radar will be LG, with its next-gen G4 expected for sometime this spring. Yesterday we checked out a report where LG not only talked about a G4-killing superphone, but also shed some light on expectations for the arrival of the phone itself, mentioning a debut following the launch of the LG UX 4.0 skin – which could happen as soon as April. Today we pick up on a new tidbit about the G4’s hardware, with sources claiming that the handset could launch with a fingerprint scanner.

While such scanners have been parts of Samsung and Apple phones going back a generation now, LG’s been slower to warm to the technology. But the G4 may be the right time for LG to embrace such a system, and the way
it’s being described it sounds like LG could place its sensor on the phone’s back.

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Unlike rear-mounted fingerprint scanners like the kind we saw on the old HTC One Max, the G4’s could have more in common with Apple or Samsung’s offerings, being integrated into the phone’s power button. Such a design would make the scanner a relatively graceful fit with LG’s iconic rear button controls, and while it remains to be seen just how well the G4’s scanner might function, placing it there sounds like a smart move.

Source: Korea Herald


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