Leagoo S9

From official leaks that we have received from Leagoo, it is indeed true that an iPhone X clone is on the way. The device launches as the Leagoo S9 whose renders show it having a similar look as the iPhone X that costs over $1000. The Leagoo’s iPhone X lookalike however might not even hit the $400 mark.

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iPhone X Lookalike Leagoo S9

The device has a similar back cover. The camera setup resembles that of the iPhone X trying out the bezel-less design of the iPhone X. It is not so new to see companies borrowing ideas from other companies. The Chinese manufacturer Leagoo is looking to offer a phone that resembles iPhone X at a much reduced price.

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The Leagoo S9 will launch with an 18:9 aspect ratio and running on Android 7.1 Nougat. The device should launch with 6GB RAM and maybe a more than 64GB internal storage.

Leagoo S9

The spoilers of the design is the fingeprint sensor placed at the back of the Leagoo S9. We will soon let you know of the specifications of the iPhone X lookalike Leagoo S9.

Are you willing to spend around Kshs. 30k on an iPhone X android look alike? Talk to us.

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Mean while have a look at the Leagoo S8


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