Kodak announced an Android phone dubbed the Kodak Ektra that borrows design and looks from the 1941 Ektra camera. Kodak expresses that the phone will be specifically more of a camera and not a phone. Kodak mentions that Kodak Ektra is a photography first, professional quality smartphone that has been built by Bullitt.

Just as mentioned is a photography first and that’s why it sports a primary camera of 21 megapixels. Kodak Ektra beats both iPhone 7’s and Google Pixel’s primary camera.

Kodak Ektra; A phone for professional photographers
As reviewed by Wired; Bullitt Kodak Ektra maker in a statement said that “Kodak Ektra is not a mass market play” and the phone is designed for photographers who actually you can rely on the Kodak Ektra to take professional photos while also using it as a phone (smartphone in this case with 5-inch display screen).

Kodak Ektra camera phone is carried within a 5-inch HD screen providing a better field of view. The phone exhibits advanced 4X video capture and has an onboard storage of 32GB. It is powered by one of the latest MediaTek chipsets (Helio X-20) deca core processor.

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Kodak Ektra
Kodak Ektra might hit the markets December 2016 however it might be available in all markets as the statement  by Bullitt says in part an I quote, “Kodak Ektra is not a mass market phone”.

Quick Specs of Kodak Ektra Smartphone

  • 5.0 – inch HD display screen
  • Probably a 720p or 1080p resolution
  • Runs on Android M (Android 6.0)
  • Powered by decacore processor
  • MediaTek chipset Helio X20
  • 32GB ROM
  • Maybe 3GB RAM/2GB is expected
  • Front camera too sports some cool specs though not yet revealed just as the primary camera on the Kodak Ektra hasn’t been rated 
  • Primary Camera is a 21mp shooter that supports 4K video capture
  • A reliable battery from my thoughts

All brands are today focusing on having a hand in major market shares and sections. Kodak are one of the best camera markers from the 19th century and well what if they made a camera that supports smartphone features

The phone might cost around £450.


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