Technology is definitely how institutions handle normal transactions and other all stuff. Many universities in Kenya procured a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) to facilitate both student and staff details and transactions. Ranging from fee payment, fee statement, hostel booking and allocation, now to printing examination cards online. 

Kisii University is embracing this and in as much as it simplifies performance, it also has demerits. Kisii University will now allow students who have completed their fees balances to download their Exam Cards online. 

Kisii University Portal

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Below is how to download the online exam cards from Kisii University students/staff portal. 

Things you need to download Online Exam Cards – Kisii University 

  1. A computer and if you don’t have one you can use your phone or visit a cyber. 
  2. You need an internet connection, in school you can use Wi-Fi which is readily available or buy yourself some bundles. 
  3. MUST have cleared university fees and any other outstanding balances
  4. MUST have an account with the University student portal otherwise visit ICT section. 
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Steps (Procedural) 

1. Open an internet browser; Opera, Chrome,  Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser or Chrome, Opera mini on your device 

2. Type in the following URL (link/website) in the URL bar or just click here

3. Enter your Registration (Admission)  Number as username and your password. 

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4. After logging in, look for Account details the click on Exam Card

5. Click on export as PDF to get a hard-copy of your exam cards. After printing make sure you get it to the registrar to be signed.

Kisii University Portal Export