kibabii university new student portal url

Kibabii University recently updated their web address from the previous one The university had moved the entire with just a few links redirecting to the new student portal url The university has done the last batch shifting the student portal. The staff and students now can use the new university website link.

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kibabii University new student portal url

Any Kibabii University student or employee can now access the student portal via a new URL The university has done tremendous improvement given that their main site uses WordPress system.

The university has changed the website links. Though to now some links still point to the old url which currently is suspended because of one issue or the other. The university IT staff should do something to ensure no dead links exist on the new university’s website.

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kibabii university new student portal url


New Student Portal Url

The portal now reflects the university’s website. It was wrong for the University (Kibabii University) to operate two website urls and have the portal on the other. And now the university implement Search Engine Optimization well to pitch the new student portal url to Google.

kibabii university new student portal url

How to Access the new Student Portal Url

  • To acces the Kibabii University new student portal url, you will need to open your web browser be it Opera, Chrome, Firefox and more others.
  • In the address bar type in
  • Proceed to enter your registration number e.g EDA/1205/17
  • The enter your portal password.

NB: All the previous details gives your access to the new student portal


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