Secring Your Facebook Account
Key tips For Securing your Facebook Account

Key tips For Securing your Facebook Account. Today I logged into Facebook after a little while and yes I got an announcements just like those of memories that are placed immediately after the publisher box (status update box) well it said in part and I quote ‘Stay Secure on Facebook‘ this doesn’t imply that my account isn’t secure. To get through my accounts you will need to dig deeper and for long. Key tips For Securing your Facebook Account

But anyway that was just as a by the way. So Facebook has developed ways of increasing your account security so as you may not fall victim of frequent hacks that do happen. This will also keep you account clean, because no one will be able to get access to your account in whatever means.

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Secring Your Facebook Account

So what are these 3 Key tips For Securing your Facebook Account is claiming I became curious though I knew my account was one of the securest accounts. So curiosity pricked me to click on get started and well I saw several around 3 ways just as they said. However you can only find the link at the lower bottom of the iframe/modal/pop-up whatever that box is.

  1. Logging out of unused apps on Facebook
  2. Get Login Alerts
  3. Secure Password

stay secure on facebook

The three ways Facebook is addressing are not the only ones that can be used to secure your account. But let’s get deeper into what these steps mean. Below are the Key tips For Securing your Facebook Account.

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1. Logging out of Unused Apps

These is one of the security protocols and ways that you can use. Probably you’re one of this guy who has around 5 or more web browser apps such as UC Browser, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and many more that you use, am sure you’re logged in into your Facebook account.

One way of securing your account is to log out of these apps that will surely serve a way of protecting your account.

2. Get Alerts Logins

Activate your phone number on Facebook and go to account security and ensure you enable Facebook Login alerts that will always alert you when a person logs into your account.

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You can choose both email or sms notifications.

login alerts

3. Login Approvals

Get a code to enter before logging into your account. For instance you’ll always need your phone with you to give a code that will grant access to login.

login approvals

4. Code Generator Apps

Using the Facebook app you can also protect you account by generating codes through your Facebook Android App.

5. Securing Password

Change passwords occationally to log off those who might have access to you account. And remember to use character codes like %$#&^, numbers and CAPS plus small letter to keep your account secured.

Image: Facebook