Online scams are real. But people never learn. They will pretend to listen but again they will do nothing more to evade such services. In Kenya you don’t get to tell someone what you feel is not bad and they follow. There are many scams that have shown up on the Kenyan soil. The latest scam to be is the Public Likes story. SocialBizConnect is another scam waiting to happen.

I just learned recently that SocialBizConnect is yet to officially launch. I personally joined SocialBizConnect in the year 2012 after I was invited by the owner Lloyd Kim. It has taken me five years to log back to the site and realize that it doesn’t have anything to offer. They don’t have any services that they seem to offer. I wonder the algorithm through which people earn through a site like this. I have a friend who always does screenshot of how SocialBizConnect pays him well. Am yet to ataste to that.

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SocialBizConnect and Public Likes are the same. They claim to pay you. Both need you to upgrade your account and refer as many users as possible to earn big. Let’s talk sense how can you invite someone, they join then they are supposed to upgrade their account so you can get to earn.

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Public Likes has had its business/paybill numbers suspended for a while. Am not sure if they have been restored. Changed the model in which users earn and this I don’t know how these people who upgraded their accounts can get their money back.  And what local advertisers do you think will trust Public Likes?

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Public Likes
A Kenyan can fail to give you 100/- but is willing to send 4500 to a company he/she knows nothing about expect that they give free money. Literally speaking how do you earn so much from clicking ads and how do these advertisers gain from public likes?


Public Likes
First public likes lacks an office in Kenya, and so does it lack contact details or information about its origin.

Public Likes
The template used to create the website still has the dummy content that came with it.  I have seen a number of people complain and am trying to think of it this way, how can someone who has paid $999 manage to get their money back.

Kenyans need to get serious. To do serious business and invest in serious form of business other than this public likes thing.

How do you feel about the Public Likes thing? Talk to us.


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