Kenya launches integrated data system to facilitate identification


Integrated Data System(IPRS) is a collection of registries from various government agencies centrally located in the Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons.

The system provides a 360 degree view and can be used to authenticate documents by citizens or identify Kenyans by matching their biometric and photographic details with documents in their possession.
Speaking during the launch in Nairobi, Kenyatta said the policy to come up with the integrated registration system was necessitated by the realization that the documentation system in use in the country was a cumbersome and old system.

“This challenge hampers the capacity of stakeholders to detect or prevent fraud, impersonation or other criminal activity. It also makes it costly to generate proper planning information,” he said.
Under the old information system, anyone desiring information on an individual has to navigate huge volumes of manual data in different places.

Kenyatta said credible data is critical for development and indispensable for planning and delivery of public services.
The IPRS is composed of two major parts. The first one is the establishment of a National Population Register (NPR) with data on all Kenyan citizens and foreign residents and the second is a unique identifier (PIN) that is assigned to every person’s record at birth, acting as a reference in all transactions regarding that person.
A demonstration of the system showed how all documents ranging from birth certificate, school certificate and other documents can be accessed at the touch of a button.



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