Jisort na Bonga Promotion

Safaricom’s latest offer; Jisort na Bonga has been running as from 25th of September 2017 and they will sell until 30th of the same month. During the Safaricom’s Jisort na Bonga promotion there are a number of phones that you can get on bonga points with others having their prices sliced.

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In this article we share the Jisort na Bonga Promotion for September 2016 phones and other deals. The deals include Tecno’s S1, Safaricom Neon Turbo, Safaricom Neon Kicka, Samsung Z2 and the Nokia 5 among others.

Grab yourself a smartphone that supports 4G and also is entitled to bonga point plus cash reduced.

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Jisort na Bonga Promotion

Table of Contents for Jisort na Bonga Promotion; September 2017 Deals and Offers

Phones on Sale During the Jisort na Bonga Promotion

  • Samsung Z2 running Tizen OS
  • Safaricom Neon Turbo
  • The Neon Kicka
  • Tecno S1
  • Nokia 5
  • Lenovo A2020
  • Tecno N9s
  • Nokia 3
  • OPPO A37
  • Lenovo A1000
  • Tecno R6s
  • Motorola Moto C+
  • Samsung J3
  • Samsung Grand Prime+
  • Tecno CXs
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Jisort na Bonga Promotion


The phones alongside their prices is as shown below in a tabular format. Check out a model you can part with





Samsung Z2 3999 + 4,000 points 100MB
Neon Turbo 3,999 + 4,000 points 100MB
Neon Kicka 1,500 + 1,500 points 100MB
Nokia 5 14,999 + 5,000 points 500MB
Tecno S1 3,000 + 3,000 points 100MB
Tecno N9s 9,499 + 4,000 points 1GB + headphones
Lenovo A2020 7,500 + 4,000 points 500MB
Nokia 3 9,999 + 5,000 points 500MB
OPPO A37 10,999 + 5,000 points 100MB
Samsung S8 54,999 + 50,000 points 4GB
Samsung S8+ 64,999 + 50,000 points 4GB
Tecno R6s 8,499 + 5,000 points 1GB
Lenovo A1000 3,500 + 3,500 points 100MB + headphones


Huawei Y3II 7,299 100MB
Lenovo A2016 7,899 500MB
Lenovo A2020 9,999 500MB
Tecno Droipad Mini 7 10,999 500MB
Moto C+ 9,999 1GB
Moto E+ 16,999 1GB
Huawei GR5 Mini 18,299 500MB
Tecno CXs 18,999 500MB
Huawei GR3 2017 21,299 1GB
Huawei P8 Lite 18,999 500MB
Neon Prime Tab 15,999 500MB
Samsung S7 Edge 59,999 4GB
iPhone 6S 32GB 61,999 3GB
Neon Kicka 2,499 100MB


Jisort na Bonga Promotion

From the above list of phones you sure to get one that fits your pocket. The Jisort na Bonga promotion has both the bonga offers and the cash offers and whichever suits you if you lack offers is ideal for you.

Visit any nearest Safaricom Shop and any chosen points to have your taste of the Jisort na Bonga Promotion.


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