Rohto Pharmaceuticals

One of the leading Japanese Consumer Healthcare Company will be launching in Kenya tomorrow. Rohto Mentholatum Group, a company whose success has solely relied on ambitious, courageous, determined and never failing pioneers. Rohto Mentholatum Group has had its success built thanks to the never failing pioneers. The company is establishing root in Africa. Kenya are the first people who are going to utilize the company’s establishment in Africa.

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The NEVER SAY NEVER spirit is firmly embedded into the companies working strategy that always sees the company succeed. Rohto Mentholatum Group aims to capture the entire Eastern Africa taking Kenya as a center stage for all the countries. The company has been launched in Kenya, today Tuesday 6th December 2016.

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Rohto Pharmaceuticals

The launch of Rohto Mentholatum Group (K) and the unveiling of ROOTIA range of products comes in the wake of increased  Japanese investments in Kenya, leveraging the long-term relationship that the countries have enjoyed over the past many years. The development also underscores Japan’s commitment to the $30 billion (KES 3 trillion) investment pledge to transform Africa that was made during the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) conference last August.

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You can check out Rohto at their website