Farming was not so of a business entity that required great skills and expertise and much of investment many years ago. Farming was just one way of getting some food on the table and people would not do it for money or a job. Now we have professional farming that deeply relies on farming as a business entity or enterprise. You cannot be a professional farmer unless you know the type of crop to plant, when and where and how and this is when technology sets in.

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Getting reliable extension is mostly hard in some parts of this country and the services must be paid for which many farmers can’t afford. But with technology you can get professional agricultural extension for free.

MbeguChoice is not just a website or app but basically is a business one has invested in, one he seen the problem in the society and through their they want to solve it. 

What does MbeguChoice offer?

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MbeguChoice offers a couple of features and advices absolutely for free which would cost some good money if you had to honor consultation. Below are the services that MbeguChoice offers:-

  • Determine Location (County) 
  • Use the county’s (altitude) to find best seeds or crops to grow
  • Use criteria to get very early maturity, early, late and very late maturing seeds. 
  • You also get to choose options for disease resistance, storage etc

MbeguChoice provides with the right seed variety that will perform optimum in your location to give best yields. 

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Only best varieties offer best results and this is why MbeguChoice is the only thing  you need.