2016 a year of new flagships from device such as Samsung who are known for their S series that is going to the S7 whose specifications are out and launch date is tomorrow(11/03/2016). Apple on the other side has a new device the iPhone 7 and we will also see an iPhone 7 Plus that might feature greater features than the iPhone 7. Apple is believed to be working on a better and a wider display device that is slimmer possibly the size of the iPod Touch and much more. But iPhone 7 has a better redesign and newer features better than it predecessor. The processor of the iPhone 7 will feature an upgrade of the Apple’s processor the Apple A10 processor manufactured by TSMC.

Like I previously mentioned Apple is aiming to get a thinner and slimmer iPhone 7 than the predecessor iPhone 6 with a sleek design and much more. Rumors show that Apple is getting rid of the audio jack or headphone jack to allow for a better and slimmer design similar to the 6.1mm iPod Touch. Getting rid of the headphone jack doesn’t mean that you will never use headphones on the iPhone 7 but it is believed Apple is working on a better way with Earpods that connect with the device through the lightning port. It is also believed that Apple could be working on wireless enabled (bluetooth) speakers that would allow for improved stereo system. Earpods and the bluetooth wireless powered device will be packaged together with the iPhone which is expected in the fall of 2016.

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Design is important and I bet I really love the recent design that come into life with the iPhone 6. Thsi features a curved design that is elegant. The iPhone 7 design will have some twerks after ridding the audio jack from the device to achieve slimmer device than never before.

Wired headphones on the iPhone 7 will no longer use the audio jack or headphone jack since it thickness the device thus slimness is not achieved. However, you will be able to use the wired headphone with the lightning port that is to replace the headphone jack. Apple is believed to be working on Lightning powered or equipped earpods that will work along the iPhone 7 and which will be sold as a unit.

There is some great and distingushing feastures between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 might feature 2GB RAM while on the otherside the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a 3GB RAM quite smaller compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Camera systems of the device are improved with a flash lights. One version of the iPhone 7 will feature a single len camera and a second one will feature dual-lens system  that will offer DSLR picture quality. The camera is improved when it comes to performance in low light thanks to the flash light.

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Just like earlier mentioned the device iPhone 7 will be a slimmer device than the iPhone 6 and rumors show that it could feature a slimmer design similiar to the iPod touch. The design of the iPhone 7 is elegant since it is also believed that Apple is working on ridding the protruding camera on the iPhone 7 which is one of the reasons they are working on a slimmer device.
It is believed to be a waterproof device and these are rumors which will be confirmed or discarded up on device release in fall 2016.

Apple is rumored to be working on a better camera that will include a 12MP dual lens camera system. The camera is improved from the predecessor. Image or picture quality is largely improved thanks to the dual lens system introduced on the iPhone 7 camera. The DSLR like image quality is achieved thanks to the better camera quality. The iPhone 7 also is beleved to stock a 5.0 megapixels primary camera. Runors also suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus camera will have a 2-3x optical zoom capabilities to improve the focal length for picture shooting.

iPhone 7 according to KGI securities Analyst, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have different RAMs which will be a 2GB RAM & a 3GB RAM respectively. The 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus ofcourse will host the 3GB RAM because it is much more superior than the other version the iPhone 7.
iPhone 7 will come in variants of storage just like they have always been doing. It is possible that the devices will have a 16GB ROM, 64GB ROM, 128GB ROM and also for the iPhone 7 Plus that might feature a 256GB ROM.

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There are so much rumors about these devices and well when it comes to 4G lovers Apple is believing to be incorporaing the intelLTE Modem that will boost speed to LTE levels. However this will largely depend on the mobile carrier if they do support such connections like the LTE or 4G connectivities. That’s a story to look out for upon the launch of the iPhone 7 in the fall of 2016.

The device will feature Apple 10 A10 processor will be featured on the iPhone 7 an important processor that will speed the processor and awesome performance. The Apple A10 Processor M10 Co processor will ensure efficiency and better performance. The iPhone 7 will also feature the iOS 10 an upgrade of apple iOS operating system.

More about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is coming. We will be here to update you. Stay tuned for more.