Infinix XClub celebrates one year of existence

Infinix XClub was launched in November 14, 2014, it has been a communication forum sort of like for the Infinix Lovers in so many countries big ones being Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, most from west African countries with other countries such as Pakistan also being included in the same. This is a forum that has got people’s issues olved through great online discussions that go on at this communication portal of forum.

Since November 14th last year, all customers’ queries have been solved and attended to in this Infinix XClub Forum which has users who are well informed and others Infinix Workers who keep the people updated of what’s coming next. For instance the announcement of the roll out of Android Lollipop on Infinix Hot and Hot Note was officially announced on this forum first. And there are way of how to install or flush the ROM on your infinix device.

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As time goes on, all things takes a new view.
Infinix XClub community has been functioning for a year with XFans contributions and advise, Infinix X`Club is growing in the progress.

A message from the Infinix XClub reads in part

Looking back over the past year, countless memorable days and nights, with your encouragements and supports have helped us to move forward.

Excitement, because the goal is achieved;
Touched,is because of your passion;
Confidence is full, because you’re with us.

Time flies, the first anniversary is like a dream. Thank you all the way!

Infinix X`Club with all XFans, going hand in hand, then shall continue to be successful!

The next step forum will have a large wave of active welfare waiting for everyone to participate in the acquisition.

They are looking forward to a more engaging and well conversant forum where all issues are aised andperformance gauged from the Infinix Device owners on the Infinix XClub.