​Infinix Note 3 is officially launched and on sale within the Kenyan market. Nigeria saw the launch of Infinix Hot S that’s why Infinix Note 3 had to hit ground in Kenya. Going for Kshs. 15000, Note 3 is available on Jumia Kenya where you can purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Infinix Note 3 (X601) is the bigger sister of the Infinix Note 2 (X600) launched last year that was a good phone with ginormous display breaking away from the default 5.5 inch displays. The Infinix Note 3 is not so new, if you have ever had a taste of the Infinix Note 2 then you can take the Note 3 just as well.

In this post I am going to help compare the two devices. The Infinix Note 3 vs Infinix Note 2 (they can also be called the Infinix X601 vs Infinix X600). This device comparison is deemed to help most of our readers to make a good choice whether to go for a newer version of the Note series or go the old way. Stick with us we’ll give a full review when we get our hands on the Infinix Note 3.

Infinix Note 3 vs Infinix Note 2
Battle of 6-inchers; Infinix Note 3 vs Infinix Note 2

Table of Contents for Infinix Note 3 vs Infinix Note 2; Specs Battle

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Display; Which one is Clearer?

Both phones have similar displays sizes. This though doesn’t mean that the screens are of same quality, NO! Both feature a 6.0-inch device screen. That’s so far the only similar thing when it comes to display. The Note 3 is much better in terms of specifications. The Infinix Note 3 sports a Full HD IPS touchscreen where the Infinix Note 2 only sports a HD screen. The pixel density too varies with the latest, Infinix Note 3 having 367ppi whereas the predecessor having a 245ppi. The quality of the Note 3 display is much more advanced than the Infinix Note 2’s display screen.

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Performance, Hardware and Software

To talk performance, we’ll look at the device software and their hardware capabilities. Based on this you can predict which one stands tall above the other. Both Note 3 and Note 2 have similar processor with 64-bit octa core processor, changes might be there in the MediaTek chipset each carries but the processor power is the same.

The Infinix Note 3 comes in two versions a 2GB RAM (3G) version and a 3GB RAM(4G) version that stands out tall. The Infinix Note 2 had its 3G version only carrying a 1GB RAM which places the Infinix Note 3 on top.

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They run on Android Operating system but on different versions. Infinix Note 2 is the old hence it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop enhanced with the former XUI and the Infinix Note 3 is different, it comes out of box with Android 6.0 Marshmallow customized to create their own user interface the XoS chameleon that is also available on Infinix Hot S and Infinix Hot 4.

Photography; How does the cameras compare?

The two feature dual camera; a front camera and a rear camera. The Infinix Note 3 and Infinix Note 2 both sport 13MP primary camera (rear camera) but Note 3 has dual tone LED flash on the other hand, the Note 2 has only single LED flash. 

Infinix introduced soft flash on the front camera. This is available on Infinix Note 3 but lacks in Note 2. The Note 3 sports a 5MP front snapper with soft flash but the Infinix Note 2 has a 2MP front shooter with normal flash.

Security; are your PINs safe?

Access to apps and personal information on your phone is now limited with advanced technology on Infinix Note 3 than it is on Note 2. Infinix Note 3 x601 is safer than the Infinix Note 2 x600 and here is the reason. Infinix Note 3 sports a fingerprint scanner at the back just below the camera and flash which lack on the Note 2.

Battery; Reliable in power outages

Infinix are known for good phone with a boosting factor being the battery. And yes, just as these two phone the Infinix Note 3 vs Infinix Note 2 are bigger and powerful they need massive batteries too. They stock non-removable Li-Po battery but of different capacities. The Note 2 (old one) is equipped with a 4000mAh battery on the other hand the Infinix Note 3 features a 4500mAh. I might say that the 500mAh on Note 3 will make it last just as long as the Note 2 or even more. Given Note 3 has FHD display with 1080p are known for being power hungry.

Price; Which one is cheaper and by How much?

A good question and on a final note, you need to know the prices of the two phones. Infinix Note 3 just launched last week is retailing at Kshs. 15,000 where its predecessor is costing some Kshs. 12,499/-. Need the store to buy these two phones? Below are the links to certified stores with great discounts.

Infinix Note 3 Click Here to Buy Infinix Note 3 at Kshs. 15,000/-

Buy Infinix Note 2 at Jumia for Kshs. 12,499/-


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