Infinix Note 3 is a mobile phone that is to be launched mid next month. That means that the Infinix Note 3 is following the Infinix Hot S that has been launched in Nigeria. The Infinix Hot S happens to be the first Infinix handset to feature fingerprint identification in layman’s language it allows you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint. This isn’t the latest technology since we’ve got so much improved, iris scanning technology that allows you to safely lock and unlock your handset using your eyes.

Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 3 also happens to feature the same fingerprint technology that is making Infinix Hot S a sale for Infinix Mobility. The Infinix Hot S comes in two versions, what is not clear yet is whether the Infinix Note 3 will also be of two variants. 

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Infinix Note 3 will also feature the latest user interface by Infinix that is coming in to replace the popular XoS interface that Infinix claims is the smoothest and easy and also promises good speed and an overhaul features.

The Infinix Note 3 will possibly be with some 2GB RAM or 3GB RAM. It is also possible that we see two versions a 16GB and a 32GB. Or we just see one with some good ROM; that is 32GB. It also sports a memory card slot that will seek to expand your storage.

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Infinix Note 3
Infinix Note 3 is Expected in Mid August, preferable launch location: Kenya at around $150

Infinix also promises some good things when it comes to camera. They are trying to replicate what Tecno did with the Camon C9 and generally the Camon series from Camon C8. Like Infinix Hot S’s 13MP and 8MP camera with DUAL LED flash, the Infinix Note 3 will bring these specs again with it. The primary camera will come with DUAL LED flashlight also the front snapper will feature a LED flashlight.

Infinix and Tecno have been doing very well when it comes to the brick. They have never disappointed with interpolation. We expect Infinix Note 3 to feature a 3000mAh lithium ion battery and there’s high chances that the battery will be built in.

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For the another time we might see Kenya become the first country to receive Infinix Note 3 before moving out to other African countries just like the Infinix Hot S has been launched earlier in Nigeria than it has happened in Kenya. To my own speculation, the Infinix Note 3 will possible retail under $150 (under Ksh. 15,000).