Infinix Note 2 LTE version

Infinix Note 2 was the smartphone dubbed as the Infinix Big 6. Infinix has decided to release an LTE version of the Infinix Note 2. The Infinix Note 2 LTE version has all the specifications of the Infinix Note 2 X600 with a booming 4000mAh battery and obviously the huge display, the 5.98 inch full HD display. This is the gadget that has gone too far to bring on board such a huge device display. Majority of devices are just 5.5 inch but the Infinix Note 2 LTE version and the Infnix Note 2 both have some 0.4 inches added on the phablet display size. 5.98 isn’t a small display but well if you can have it within your palm then you’re good to go.

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Infinix Note 2 LTE version employs the fast charge engine to ensure that your device battery is charged really fast. For instance a 15-minute charge on this device can give an 8 hour phone call time. Image a 15 minute charge lasting for 8 hours. That is no joke. And given the large battery size you’re sure it would have taken more than even 4 hours to charge it fully. But thanks to the fast charge technology incorporated in the Infinix Note 2 LTE version.

This device being an LTE version doesn’t mean that it only uses or supports 4G network only. It supports all other networks such as the GSM, 2G, and 3G because there are not many areas with 4G coverage and  3G coverage. With the 4G connectivity am sure you will experience fast download speeds that you have never experienced before on all your devices ever be it in a cyber cafe or using faiba in the case of Kenya since they’re the ones who provide smarter and faster network connectivity.

It runs on Android Lollipop with the XUI from Infinix a User Interface specifically developed for the Infinix handsets and also to get rid of the default Android UI. This lets users play around with the look and feel of their devices with many ort a variety of themes from which to choose from.

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Infinix Note 2 LTE version

The Infinix Note 2 LTE version has an Ultra Low power mode that saves your power and disables major services be it network, background activities and more to give you an extended usage of your Infinix Note 2 LTE version.

I agree for sure that 5.98 inch of display isn’t a joke and this device will be big. With dimensions of 159.5 x 82.5 x 9.3mm well the phone can be carried out in with comfort. Even though the device is too thick at 9.3mm you won’t expect a device of that size with a 5.0 mm thickness. The thickness is 9.3 mm to accommodate the large size display by the Infinix Note 2.

It has a 13.0 megapixels primary camera for photography section.

The device is powered by a Cortex-A53 64 bit CPU with a MediaTek chipset MTK6753. The device’s processor is 37% faster than its predecessor the Infinix Hot Note. It is also coupled with a 2GB RAm and a 16GB ROM that can be expanded by a MicroSD card of storage 32GB.

Infinix Note 2 hand gestures

I employs sinificant hand gestures such as C for opening Camera, M to turn on Music, i to turn on Dialer and W to turn on WeChat and more hand gestures. Who will not love such a gadgets?


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