Earlier on I took sometime explaining what Infinix Mobility is building a photo centric phone with the photo advert and so forth. Infinix has finalizing its touches to the possibly Infinix Hot 2 successor, the Infinix Hot 3. Infinix Hot 3 will be a budget friendly smartphone with a couple of improvements from the predecessor. The device comes just at the right time, the beginning or the first quarter of 2016 which possibly might see Infinix bring forth super awesome gadgets to follow suit the Infinix Hot 3. The Hot 2 was not just a phone, it is part of the Google’s Android One program that saw a partnership with the Africa smartphone maker, Infinix. However, expect much from Infinix Hot 3 more than you received for the Infinix Hot 2.

There are a few thing worth discussion on the Infinix XUI user forum or the general forum why Infinix insists on the 16GB ROM,  there’s no problem with that but atleast they should have variety. Infinix dwells much more on 16GB, I will be really happy if we saw something like 32GB etc. Anyway that is not expected of the Infinix Hot 3 since it already has a 16GB ROM, with a MicroSD card slot for expandability. Quite enough for many.

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There are a couple of possible specs doing rounds here and there. Infinix Hot 3 will not just stop at getting you the best, but the device will just stop at the Android 5.1 Lollipop with the XUI interface by Infinix. Read about the HiOS by Tecno Mobile. Infinix Hot 3 will not be featuring Android Marshmallow, the latest operating system version which many possibly anticipated for. But that should not worry you since it will automatically have OTA and OTG capabilities so you can update at a later date.

Majority of Infinix devices carry ayleast a 5. and above display size. Expect Infinix Hot 3 with a HD screen featuring a display screen of 5.5 inch screen. It will of course have a resolution of 720P (720 x 1280 pixels) that apart from improving clarity it also allows room for accountability of whatever or any pixel. High quality display with HD quality images and ab improved gaming and online experience.

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Performance and the system specifications are the driving force behind success of any gadget. It’s the System Properties that dictate the overall performance of any device. Infinix Hot 3 is not left behind, since it will be featuring ultimately better specs and properties. This in the long run will see better performance realized on the device.

Infinix Hot 3 will be running on Android 5.1 Lollipop and not Android Marshmallow as quite expected by many. But expect OTA updates this year upgrading the firmware to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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RAM & Processor: The Infinix Hot 3 processor will be 1.3GHz Quad Core featuring a MediaTek CPU with a great Mali-720P GPU for graphics handling. The Infinix HOT 3 is believed to come in two models (versions) like we saw for the Hot 2 that has a difference in RAM.
It will be carrying a 1GB RAM in the first model that based on my judgement will not be a 4G/LTE enabled handset. The other model or version will run on a 2GB RAM that will see it cost a bit higher and with 4G connectivity.

Like initially said storage is important and any given device should have enough storage. A device without enough storage will experience laxity and will exhibit poor performance.

The Infinix Hot 3 will be having a 16GB ROM or internal storage with a MicroSD card slot for file management and keeping.

According to the two versions the devices will host 1GB & 2GB RAM for instructional and executional commands memory.

Infinix have not disappointed in battery capacity on their smartphones starting with the first ones like Infinix X507. They equip their devices enough power to run efficiently for a rather extended time. Power management is done through the XUI and also faster charging technology is incorporated.

Infinix Hot 3 will be featuring a 3000mAh battery that can take for quite the better part of the day.

The phone being introduced as a photo centric phone will possibly have better cameras be they the front facing or the rear camera.

The back camera will be 8MP while the front camera will be 2MP. But I expect a 5MP front shooter for selfie lovers. Time to wait for this awesome and better device the Infinix Hot 3.

The Infinix Hot 3 is not yet available and we just have sketchy versions of the same. But according to previous records the Infinix Hot phones have never been sold that expensive i mean above Kes. 10,000 ($100) mostly.
So largely expect them to be featuring at a price lower than $100 dollars on online retailers like Jumia and Konga.

More to come stay tuned here for more revealing of the Infinix Hot 3. ♥ 🙂


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