Infinix Hot 3 Coming Soon
Infinix Hot 3 Coming Soon

Infinix Mobility for sure have worked all day and night offering better phones at rather low prices. Infinix through partnerships with online retail shops usually sell their products as cheap as 50% off. My point of this article is not that or is it that well I love to buy them cheap. No. Infinix has never failed to disappoint to some of us. However for me they have really disappointed me much but well that should not set you back. Here is why I was disappointed by Infinix on their devices, no matter how elegant they look they always carry 16GB ROM like the Infinix Note 2 X600. But that aside something is cooking behind the shelves, an intelligent and awesome looking but elegant device that is selfie centric is being packaged together. The device is the Infinix Hot 3 an official successor of the Infinix Hot 2 an Android One smartphone that saw it’s launch in Africa thanks to their partnership with Google.

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Infinix Hot 3 Coming Soon
Infinix Hot 3 Coming Soon

More can be said that Infinix devices are usually of large display size. The latest the Infinix Big 6 (Infinix Note 2) featuring an almost 6.0 inch display (5.98 inch) that even is going to the extent of becoming one like of a tablet. I have talked of the 6 inch display but this does not mean it will be available on the Infinix Hot 3. Infinix Hot 3 will possibly with a high probability of carrying a 5.5 inch display screen with 720 x 1280 pixels of screen resolution. The resolution might not be the one but well majority of their phones range between such.

According to the image teaser, the Infinix Hot 3 will not be a nonsense phone when it comes to photography. Why say so? I think you can clearly see the text on the image “Selfie with soft flash makes life colorful”. This means that probably and mark my word, it may carry a 13.0 megapixels primary camera that of course has a LED Flashlight and a selfie shooter that is roughly 8 MP or 5MP with a flash too. That’s what is defined by the statement Selfie with soft flash makes life colorful.

That said, Infinix Hot 3 will also be powered by a MediaTek processor (I dont expect it to run on Snapdragon. NO!!) that will clock at a rate of 1.3GHz. Will the processor be quad core or octa core? Let wait and see but I guess it will be on a quad core processor.

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Now to some of my disappointments with Infinix. Storage is essential and I know that you are aware of that. SO don’t worry buddy because Infinix as we all know has 16GB ROM that is internal storage. Unless this one will be a ground breaker with 32GB ROM which I don’t expect. We have seen Infinix phones lately the Hot series coming in twos with a smaller difference with the primary memory (RAM) and connectivity. So we expect both 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM version of Infinix Hot 3.

When it comes to power source and supply Infinix gadgets always carry a battery with capacity above 3000mAh. So I expect Infinix Hot 3 to be one of them. Those that have massive power sources.

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Much is not clear yet but well be sure we will be here to keep you updated on the Infinix Hot 3 story. You can like us on Facebook and Twitter.


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