Importance of the Calcare App on your Tecno or itel Phone


Truth be said that you will always need an after sale service or maintenance. Believe me no one is ever happy when they can’t find service stations. There is need for a place where you can get customized help on your device all over Africa. Be it in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Tanzania and so on. The Calcare Android App and an inbuilt app in smaller devices have help functions.

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Calcare app is the best app that worth appreciation when you need some help. Calcare app is available on almost all Transion Holdings phones that is the Tecno, iTel phones.

Calcare provides a wider range of help topics, places you can get help and contacts. For Tecno and itel plus Infinix gadgets you will need to visit contact places on the Calcare app. There you can get the best after sale service.

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You can get spares such as for a cracked screen you can get a new one, for customized help, flip covers,  personalized settings and much more.

Something to Note is that the Calcare app is not a system app so you can get rid of it anytime. The app is not available on Play Store but it can be got through the Afmobi Market.

Kindly if you need help for your Tecno, Itel, Infinix and so forth find contacts and locations through the app and visit them for support.


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