The Ascend P8 was launched in London on 15th April by Huawei. The event also saw the unveiling of the P8 Max, a supersized version of the flagship that follows in the footsteps of all other major manufacturers of releasing big brother-bigger brother versions of their flagships.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group introduced the latest addition to the stable of its products. The tagline promises a beautiful smartphone that created beautiful things.

Advanced technology + sophisticated design = P8 said their head of product design.
P8 is all about premium looks and modern, exceptional materials. P8 consumers pursue high fashion and latest design trends. They love to enjoy their world; they know how to really enjoy their phones.

Full metal unibody with a thinner form factor than its predecessor, the P8 is a slimmer and stronger smartphone and comes in a choice of four colours: Mystic Champagne, Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey and Carbon Black.

The P8 has a 5.2 inch IPS- NEO display with a 78.3% screen: body ratio thats the best in the industry.

The design attributes continue through to all the accessories including the earphones, cases and quick charging wall plugs.

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P6 was the World’s first selfie camera, P7 brought in low light photography as well as group selfies. With the P8, it is the world’s first 4-colour 13MP RGBW Imaging, Optical Image Stabilization.

It results in a better black/white balance, auto scene recognition and enables multi-frame dynamic time exposure by combining four frames of the same image together.

It also does not have a discernable camera bump at the back of the phone unlike the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

And here is a feature that we are dying to try out- there is a really clever light painting function which allows for taillights tracking, light graffitti, star trek mode and silky water mode- it does sound weird but the results from their stock photographs looked stunning.

Director mode allows users to create professional style videoswith upto 4 smartphones being connected to a P8 master phone to record video clips which can then be stitched together to create really fun videos.

The P8 solves the ‘dead hold’ problem where you experience dropped calls because of the way you hold the phone in handsets with a full metallic body by coming with not one but two antennas.

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Elsewhere, Huawei Wifi+ lets you auto connect wifi as well as auto hotspot at known locations. So not only will it remember where you used the hotspot feature last, it will also make sure to   Auto wifi enabler connects and auto hotspot switching.

Huawei Roaming+ helps you get 3X faster connection to network and dual SIM card with dual 4G LTE. Both slots take nano SIM cards and has an expandable memory upto 128GB.

In a gesture control feat that is very familiar to that of LG’s knock-on technology, Huawei have introduced Knuckle sense technology. This allows you to crop picture or select text off webpages by using your knuckles.

The phone is powered by Kirin930/935 Octacore 64-bit chipset. So there are 4 A53 enhanced 2.0GHz cores and 4 of the 1.5GHz cores which leads to a purportrated 20 percent increased in power.


The phone also comes with the world’s 1st power consumption firewall for apps, blocking all abnormal power usage from apps which in turn result in an extra 2.3 days standby time. There is also a smart international dialler- so you can make call direct from your phonebook without the prefix.

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Apart from the usual hard case, flip cover in leather and faux leather, Huawei also have an e-ink cover. Users will be able to keep an eye on their schedules, weather and clock and the 4.3″ e-ink display comes with long battery life and readability in the sun.

Huawei P8 Max
The Chinese manufacturer also slipped in the mega sized P8 Max. The phone’s USP is its vivid colour display of a max of 95.9% with a clearer display under bright sunshine as well as the almost nuclear power station fueling size of battery at a whopper 4360mAH of Li-Polymer goodness guaranteeing 2.23 days of normal usage.

Huawei called it a longer lasting pocket-able design, we are not sure about the pocket-able design claims though!

The P8 will be priced at €499 for RAM 3GB + 16GB in titanium grey and mystic champage

Premium version will set you back by €599 with a 64GB ROM and be available in Carbon black and Prestige Gold

P8 Max will be €549 for the standard 32GB model while the premium 64GB model will be €649.

Both phones have dual SIM drawers and expandable memories.

Source: MobileChoice UK