How to verify that your Tecno Smartphone is genuine


Genuineness yes, how do you find out whether you’re using a counterfeit phone or handset? Many brands are thriving on the success of others. When a fake brand uses a design, color and body structure of a popular brand, it is easy to fall into a trap.

Recently, I ran into a lady who was really agitated because she considered she had lost her money. She bought a counterfeit Tecno Camon C9 at 13K only to travel 140km to be told the phone is fake. I also met a Tecno Boom J8, black in color but the startup animation made me judge it as a fake phone.

Tecno Mobile Genuine Phone Check
Tecno Mobile Genuine Phone Check

While you’re out there, or trying to buy a smartphone for the first time, try inquiring about it. Always test the phone. Don’t be too overexcited that you got a new phone. Sometimes simple tricks, button locations, battery, SIM card layout and entire body can be good signs. But counterfeit makers always make it hard to get these features by eyes. So Tecno Mobile came up with a way to verify your phone or battery.

Batteries (discovery) as we knew them are not that discovery. So Tecno batteries too can be verified just as the smartphones via a website launched by the company.


Here is how to go about it:-

  1. Access the Genuine Phone Check website by Tecno Mobile.
  2. Get your phone’s IMEI number and VC number.
  3. Submit to get the results.

Tecno Mobile Genuine Phone Check
You can still check your phone’s battery by getting the SN number.

  1. Open the Genuine Check Tool
  2. Enter the SN number for your battery
  3. Submit and wait for out comes.

This in a short way summarizes how to check if your Tecno phone is genuine or not.


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