Often at times you will need to identify the people calling you even if they ain’t in your contacts. TrueCaller helps with this. That is why Truecaller’s Call Filter is a favorite feature for our 40 million users.


Take the Right Call!

Incoming calls that are blacklisted on a Truecaller user’s Call Filter, will automatically be blocked or will warn the TrueCaller user not to pick up the phone. TrueCaller not only helps protect your smartphone from unwanted calls, but it also warns other users that a number is a spam number.

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What does the call filter do?

The Call Filter, also known as ‘Block List,’ is a special tab located in the TrueCaller app that allows the personal submission of unwanted numbers. It also has a special sub-tab for localized top spammers, which differ from country to country and is called the ‘Top Spammers List.’

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Top Spammers Ain’t Got Nothin’!

The TrueCaller Community is made up of over 40 million users worldwide. The Top Spammers List is the result of the Truecaller Community ‘marking’ the number as spam, which eventually is automatically added to Truecaller’s Top Spammers list inside the app if the number is marked many times by the Community.

Users are also able to click on a Top Spammer, and see how many other users in the Truecaller Community have marked the number as spam


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